SCIS has a vibrant placement programme where mostly product based companies with good salary packages come for recruitment. The work in such companies is challenging and interesting with a brand value on technologies and the company itself.

In the last two years, we have had the following recruitments:

Year 2023-24
  • Two M.Tech. students and four I.M.Tech. students were accepted as interns in GE Digital.
  • In April 2023, Marvell visited the campus and recruited eight students -- 5 I.M.Tech. and 3 M.Tech. -- as interns.
  • Placement is ongoing for internships and the page will be updated as more companies visit the campus.
  • MCA Students: From this year onwards, the final semester project has been converted into an internship to encourage more industry-oriented learning. Students will also do a mini-project in the campus spread over their 2nd and 3rd semesters.
Year 2022-23
  • MCA : 39
  • I M.Tech : 14
  • M.Tech (CS) : 48
  • M.Tech (IT) : 6
  • M.Tech (AI) : 23
  • M.Tech (IS) : 4
  • Min Package: 3.5 LPA
  • Max Package: 23 LPA
  • Intel: The mode of recruitment is to first recruit the students as interns for a year. M.Tech. and I.MTech. students are eligible for this as the work done in such corporates is considered as their final year project. Seven students were selected as interns by Intel: 3 from I.M.Tech., 3 from M.Tech.(CS) and 1 from M.Tech.(AI).
  • GE: 2 students, one each from I.M.Tech. and M.Tech.(CS) were selected.
  • HEXAGON: One I.M.Tech. student was recruited.
  • ACL Digital: 3 students, one each from M.Tech(CS), M.Tech(AI) and M.Tech.(IT) were recruited.
  • MCA Students: Generally, the final semester project so far has been allowed to be an internship. In 2022, the following companies recruited students as interns: Samsung semiconductors, Crisil, Quadratyx, Oneconvergence, Techsophy, Zentree labs, Latentview analytics, Factset.
Year 2021-22
  • MCA : 117
  • I M.Tech : 18
  • M.Tech (CS) : 26
  • M.Tech (IT) : 15
  • M.Tech (AI) : 6
  • M.Tech (IS) : 13
  • Min Package: 3.5 LPA
  • Max Package: 15 LPA