IoE Workshop on Practical Robotics

Autonomous robots are gaining more attention day by day. Such agents can become very complex and range from simple robotic arms which can pick up arbitrary objects to humanoid robots which can perform acrobatic stunts. School of Computer Science under the aegis of Institute of Eminence Scheme as part of the project "An Automated Sys-tem for tracking Physical Characteristic Changes in Tomatos" is excited to conduct a workshop on Practical Robotics. The workshop will be entirely HANDS ON using DIY inexpensive parts and will aim to impart skills for students to begin to work independently on robotics projects.
The event details
Time: December 19-23, 2022
Venue: SCIS Annexure (New Building), CommitteeRoom (EB-100)

50 years of C

This school is celebrating "50 years of C" with a series of events throughout the month of September.
The events may be seen at
Time: Every Saturday of September 2022
Venue: AI Lab, SCIS