Faculty Profile


Avatharam Ganivada
Assistant Professor
Ph. D.: Calcutta University (Research work carried out at Indian Statistical Institute)


Contact Address:

SCIS, University of Hyderabad,
Central University P.O,
Hyderabad - 500 046.

Phone: 91-040-23134125

Book: Granular Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition and Bioinformatics, Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence, Springer, Heidelberg, 2017. (Authors: Sankar K. Pal, Shubhra S. Ray, Avatharam Ganivada)

Research Interests:

Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computing, Fuzzy Sets, Rough Sets, Fuzzy Rough Sets, Bioinformatics and Image Processing.

Invited Talks:
  • Topic: Soft Computing: Rough Sets, Neural Networks and their Integration.
    Organization: NIT, Patna-2017.
  • Topic: Machine Learning and its applications in real life applications
    Organization: CVR College of Engineering, 2018.
  • Topic: Data Mining and Neural Networks.
    Organization: Avanthi College of Engineering, 2019.