Master of Technology (M.Tech)

M.Tech is meant for graduates in engineering disciplines and postgraduates in related sciences. Three different streams of M.Tech. are offered by the school – M.Tech(CS), M.Tech(AI) and M.Tech(IT) with specialization in Banking Technology and Information Security. Admissions are open for industry sponsored and foreign candidates also. These are supernumerary.

M.Tech. (Computer Science)
This programme offers core courses of computer science like Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Algorithms, Software Engineering at an advanced level. Specialized electives of faculty research interest are offered as electives. The course work develops scientific and mathematical approach to computing. Students can also specialize in one of the three streams, namely "High Performance Computing","Systems" & "Security" based on courses taken and the dissertation in these areas.

M.Tech. (Artificial Intelligence)
This programme is meant for students already well equipped in computing sciences and imparts advanced training in all the major areas of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, such as Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Computational Intelligence etc.

M.Tech. (Information Technology)
This programme offers specialization in Banking Technology and Information Security and aims at imparting in-depth knowledge and state-of- art expertise to the students through innovative learning supported by high calibre research and technology leadership to create a pool of responsible and resourceful IT professionals, in particular, for the banking and finance sector. This course is offered in collaboration with IDRBT, an RBI institute.

Intake: Computer Science : 45+5*
               Artificial Intelligence : 30+5*
               Information Technology : 30+5*
              *  Admissions are open for industry sponsored and foreign candidates also. These are all supernumerary seats

Minimum Qualifications for Admission: With a minimum of 60% marks in the Bachelor's degree examination in Engineering/Technology (B.E./B.Tech); OR in MCA or M.Sc in (Computer Science/Information Sciences/Electronics).
GATE scores in Computer Science and Information Technology and in order of merit, will be the only criteria for admission. (No entrance examination or any interview will be conducted).

Admission Process :
General Admission Information for M.Tech. Programmes :Admission to programmes in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology courses is through centralized counselling by CCMT ( and is based on valid GATE scores in Computer Science and Information Technology only. Admission and tuition fees for all the three M.Tech. programmes are uniform.

Sponsored candidates :
Five sponsored seats are available for admission into each stream of M.Tech CS, AI and IT. Sponsored candidates seeking admission in the M.Tech. (CS/AI/IT) programmes are exempted from the GATE qualification. Candidates with required basic qualifications would be selected through interviews. Employees with a minimum 2 years of work experience in IT companies registered with STPI or NASSCOM or Central Government Organisations can apply for M.Tech. admission in CS/AI. For M.Tech (IT) those working in Banks/Financial institutions with a minimum of 3 years work experience will be considered. A candidate seeking admission in this category into M.Tech. (CS/AI/IT) must submit (along with application) the organization's willingness to pay a sponsorship amount of One Lakh Rupees per candidate (one time) to the development fund of the school. After admission, candidates are required to pay the sponsorship amount and also the usual tuition, admission and other fees as prescribed by the University for other students from time to time.

Foreign Candidates :
Foreign nationals seeking admission to M.Tech. programmes should have the required qualification with background knowledge in Mathematics, Algorithms, Computer Programming etc. Candidates should have ability to communicate in English and should submit a supportive document with a good score in TOEFL/IELTS at the time of admission. In addition, students should submit a letter of reference which supports their claims to the background knowledge and ability to communicate in English.Please also read section on Admission onf Foreign Nationals in the Prospectus.

M.Tech Fellowships/Scholarships: Students admitted into M.Tech CS/AI/IT, will be eligible for AICTE fellowships as and when AICTE processes DBT scheme (No. of fellowships are restricted to AICTE approved intake only).