Prof. Arun K Pujari

         School of Computer and Information Sciences

Prof. Pujari is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. He is currently Vice Chancellor, Central University of Rajasthan. Prior to joining UoH, he served at Automated Cartography Cell, Survey of India, and Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He received PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and MSc from Sambalpur University, Sambalpur.

He has 35 years of teaching experience of post-graduate classes in several national institutions. During this period he had taught, designed and developed several new courses. The important ones are Data Bases, Theory of Computation, Computer Vision, Computational Geometry, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Based Optimization Techniques, Knowledge Representation & R easoning, Machine Learning, Data Mining & Data Warehousing, Neural Networks, GIS and Bioinformatics.

He has undertaken several visiting assignments.

Member of High-level Committees

Member of Governing Councils of other institutions


Positions held

  1. Lecturer, Govt. College, Angul, Orissa. (1981-82).
  2. Assistant Professor of Computer Science, School of Computer & System Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (1982-83).
  3. Chief Instructor, Automated Cartography Cell, R&D Directorate, Survey of India, Dehradun (1983-85).
  4. Reader (or, Associate Professor) of Computer Science, School of Mathematics and Computer/Information Sciences, University of Hyderabad, (1985- 1990).
  5. Professor of Computer Science, Department of Computer & Information Sciences, University of Hyderabad. (1990- till date).
  6. Professor & Head, Dept of Computer & Info. Sc. (1993-1998) and (2004).
  7. Dean, School of Mathematics & Computer Information Sc(2005-2007).
  8. Professor, The LNM IIT, Jaipur (2007-2008) (on leave from UoH).
  9. Vice Chancellor, Sambalpur University, Sambalpur, Orissa (2008-2011).
  10. Dean, School of Computer & Information Sc, Univ of Hyderabad (2013-2015).
  11. Vice Chancellor, Central University of Rajasthan, Rajasthan (2015 - till date).

Research Interest: AI, GIS, Combinatorial Algorithms, Data Mining.

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