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Social Networking Analysis

July- December 2019

Social Networking Analysis is a three credit course offered as an elective to all M.Tech I, MCA V and IMTech VII SEM

Timings: Monday: 4:30PM - 5:30PM and Wednesday: 11:30AM - 1:30PM

The course syllabus for this course is here

The course schedule for this semester is here

A reading list of general papers on social network structure here

Assignments for this course will be put up in the Google classroom

Assignment-1 (Due:16 August 2019)

Assignment-2 (Due:14 September 2019)

Assignment-3 (Due:10 October 2019)

Group Presentations (Due:6 November 2019)

Submission Policy: Create rollnumber.tar, by first saving your programs, input/output files (if any) and readme file into a directory called by your rollnumber. For example, first make a directory called 19MCMT01 and then tar it and call it 19MCMT01.tar

Submissions to be made in the Google Classroom

The books recommended for this course are


Internal: 40 Marks

Major: 60 Marks

Course Instructor: S. Durga Bhavani

Teaching Assistant: Swati Katiyar