July - Nov 2017

Algorithms is a four credit course offered to M.Tech CS, this year made mandatory for Ph.D students also

The course syllabus is here

The course plan (slightly changed) is here

Assignments for this course will be put up as they are announced

Assignment-1 Due: 16 August 2017

Assignment-2 Due: 30 August 2017

Assignment-3 Due: 4 October 2017

Group Assignment- Presentations on 3rd and 7th Nov 2017

Submission Policy: Create rollnumber.tar, by first saving your programs, input/output files (if any) and readme file into a directory called by your rollnumber. For example, first make a directory called 17MCMT01 and then tar it and call it 17MCMT01.tar

Submit your assignments to and

The books recommended for this course are

Sample Question Papers




Course Instructor

Dr. S. Durga Bhavani

TA : Sayan Jana