Prof. Siba K. Udgata

Prof  Siba K Udgata
Address : School of Computer and Information Sciences
University of Hyderabad
CUC, C R Rao Road, Gachibowli
Hyderabad, Telangana, India-500046
Telephone : (+91) 04023134119
Mobile : (+91) 9705395136
Email Address :
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Our research mainly revolves around development of realistic solutions for societal problem while ensuring quality research outputs. We mainly focus on developing Intelligent algorithms for different wireless sensor network and IoT based applications. Our contributions are mainly successful execution of different funded projects, implementing those projects and also doing quality research around them.


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Selected recent publications:

  • Yogendra Kumar and Siba K. Udgata. "Machine learning model for IoT-Edge device based Water Quality Monitoring", IEEE INFOCOM, pp. 1-6, IEEE, 2022.

  • Ajit Kumar Sahoo and Siba K. Udgata. "A novel fuzzy inspired machine learning framework for relative humidity estimation using time-of-flight of ultrasonic sensor.", Measurement, 2022.

  • Sruthi P. and Siba K. Udgata. "An improved Wi-Fi sensing-based human activity recognition using multi-stage deep learning model." , Soft Computing, 2022.

  • Mohanty Susil Kumar and Siba K. Udgata. "SATPAS: SINR-based adaptive transmission power assignment with scheduling in wireless sensor network." , Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 2021.

  • Bhawani Shankar Pattnaik, Arunima Sambhuta Pattanayak, Siba Kumar Udgata and Ajit Kumar Panda. "Machine learning based soft sensor model for BOD estimation using intelligence at edge." Complex & Intelligent Systems 7.2 (2021): 961-976.

  • Supriya Das and Siba K. Udgata. "Sensor Placement for Contamination Source Detection in Water Channel Networks." ICC 2021-IEEE International Conference on Communications. IEEE, 2021.

  • Rohit Kumar Bondugula , Siba K. Udgata, and Nitin Sai Bommi. "A Novel Weighted Consensus Machine Learning Model for COVID-19 Infection Classification Using CT Scan Images." Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (2021): 1-12.

  • Arun Avinash Chauhan and Siba K. Udgata. "Data aggregation using difference transfer for load reduction in periodic sensor networks." Wireless Personal Communications 115.2 (2020): 1507-1524

  • Ajit Kumar Sahoo and Siba K. Udgata. "A novel ANN-based adaptive ultrasonic measurement system for accurate water level monitoring." IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement 69.6 (2019): 3359-3369.

  • Arunima Sambhuta Pattanayak, Bhawani Shankar Pattnaik, Siba K Udgata and Ajit Kumar Panda. "Development of chemical oxygen on demand (COD) soft sensor using edge intelligence." IEEE Sensors Journal 20.24 (2020): 14892-14902.

  • Susil Kumar Mohanty and Siba K. Udgata. "Minimizing the maximum receiver interference in wireless sensor networks using probabilistic interference model." Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 91 (2020): 103563.

  • Mishra, Pavan Kumar, Sudhakar Pandey, Siba K. Udgata, and Sanjay Kumar Biswash. "Device-centric resource allocation scheme for 5G networks." Physical Communication 26 (2018): 175-184.

Patent Publications:

Patent Title Authors Patent ID Country Status
Method for Difference Based Data Aggregation and Recovery Arun Avinash Chauhan and Siba K Udgata 201941000211 Indian Published
No-GPS and No-Internet Model for Selective and Restrictive Location Correspondence in Deterministic Environments Siba K Udgata, Mrutyunjay Anuroop, Pragyan Kodakunta 202041019994 Indian Pending
An Intelligent Device for Fever and Mental State Detection of Human-beings Under Medication Using Thermal Imaging Platform Siba K Udgata, Samrat L Sabat 202041021983 Indian Pending


book Title: Internet of Things and Sensor Network for COVID-19
Authors: Siba K Udgata and Nagender Suryadevara
Publisher: Springer
Year: 2021
Edited Books:


I teach following subjects

Advanced Operating System
Wireless Sensor Network
Compiler Design
Object Oriented Programming
Computer based Optimization Technique
Computer Network and Distributed System
Internet Technologies


Title of the Project Funding Agency Duration Sanctioned Amount Status
WiSE-Home: WiFi Sensing Environmet for Smart Home Applications University of Hyderabad (Institute of Eminence) Sponsored Two Years (2022 - 24) Rs. 44 Lakhs Ongoing
HealthcaRF: A Radio Frequencybased Non-Invasive and Invisible Healthcare Module for Assisted Living University of Hyderabad (Institute of Eminence) Sponsored Two Years (2022 - 24) Rs. 49.85 Lakhs Ongoing
Intelligent Campus Navigation System DST-TARE Sponsored Rs. 17.35 lakhs
Integrated Low Cost Sensor for River Water Quality Monitoring DST-Intel-IUSSTF (IIT, Delhi Lead) Sponsored 2017-2020 Rs. 9.78 Crores (Shared) Completed
Mobile and Sensor Network based Disaster Management System with emphasis on rescue management IBM SUR (Support University Research) 2014-2018 Rs. 11.00 Lakhs Completed
Development of wireless sensor network for water quality and quantity monitoring system (AquaSense) ITRA, Dept. of Electronic and Information Technology (DeITy) 2013-2016 Rs. 3.29 Crores Completed
Compromised Node Identification Scientific Analysis Wing (SAG), DRDO, New Delhi 2012-2013 Rs. 17.94 Lakhs Completed
Swarm Intelligence for Optimization Dept. of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India Rs. 17.40 Lakhs Completed
Swarm Intelligence based resource allocation and data routing in Cognitive Radio Dept. of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India 2008-2011 Rs.17.42 Lakhs Completed
Prototype development of wireless sensor network based adaptive water quality monitoring system (Aquamon) Dept. of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India 2008-2011 Rs. 15.89 Lakhs Completed



  • Member, Learning based Outcome Framework (Computer Science). University Grants Commision (UGC), Govt. of India, (2018-19)
  • Member, Technical Empowerment Committee, Mobile E-Governance, Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology (MEITY), Govt. of India (2015-2017)
  • Chairman, Computer Advisory Committee, Indian Institute of Management, Sirmaur, India (Continuting from 2018)
  • Member,Project Review and Steering Committee (DST, MEITY, Govt. of India)
  • Editorial Board Member : AKCE International Journal of Graphs and Combinatorics
  • Associate Editor: IOS Press : KES Journal:


  • Principal consultant to Scientific Analysis Wing (SAG), DRDO, New Delhi in the project "SECANT"
  • Worked as a consultant in a TISCO (Tata Iron and Steel Company) sponsored software project "REHAB" to develop a software for monitoring the Rehabilitation project of TISCO, Gopalpur, Ganjam, Odisha.


Ongoing PhD Students:

Name Research Area
Ajit Kumar Sahoo Intelligent Sensing, Device Free Sensing
Rohit Kumar Bondugula Intelligent Sensing
P Sruthi Device Free Wi-Fi Sensing

Completed PhD students:

Name Completion Year
Arun Avinash Chauhan 2022
Shaik Shakeel Ahamad 2014
Amer Ali Sallam 2013
S Mini 2012
Srinivas Sethi 2010


Wireless Sensing and Communication Lab (WiSeComLab)

Our research team working on the domains of Wireless Communincation, Intelligent Sensing, Internet of Things (IoT), Sensors, Device Free Sensing etc.

(Siba K Udgata)