IT Workshop- Integrated M.Tech(CS) I year

July - December 2018

Monday 10:30AM - 1:30PM at AI Lab

The objective of this lab course is to enable students engage with a Computer with Linux Operating system. The students will work with basic UNIX commands, learn document preparation with LaTex software, work on Spread sheets and data analysis and presentation software. Shell programming as well as SED and AWK will be introduced. This is a two credit course offered to Integrated M.Tech(CS).

Problems on each topic will be done in the lab and assignments are set up for each topic. The submission instructions will be given in the lab.

Date Topic Details
30 July UNIX commands ls, cp, rm, mv, chmod, chown, mkdir, cd, pwd, alias, .bashrc, cat, less, more, zip, wc, rmdir
6 August UNIX commands head, tail, find, grep, whereis, which, du, df, sort, cut, paste, uniq, ps, kill, touch, diff
13 August LaTeX Latex (doc style, listing environments, tables, figures, ref)
20 August LaTeX Latex (complex tables, math, boxes, theorem/axiom)
27 Aug Beamer Cite, algorithm(opt)
10 Sept Open Office (LOCALC) (basic stuff, nested IF and VLOOKUP)
17 Sept Open Office (LOCALC) (Charts, filters, sort, Pivot tables)
24 Sept Minor Exam
1 Oct sed reg exp intro
8 Oct sed
15 Oct awk
22 Oct awk
29 Oct Shell scripting
5 Nov Shell scripting
12 Nov Minor-2

Evaluation: Major exam is for 40 marks.

Course Instructor: S. Durga Bhavani

Teaching Assistants: