IT LAB (Algorithms)- M.Tech CS

July - December 2017

Monday 10:30AM - 1:30PM at AI Lab

The objective of the IT Lab is designed so as to enable students appreciate the concepts learnt in Algorithms and Operating Systems courses through practice. This is a two credit course offered to M.Tech CS. This page will put up the schedule pertaining to Algorithms.

One assignment will be done in the lab for the day and the emphasis is on designing a solution and then implementation. The submission instructions will be given in the lab.

Date Topic Assignment
24 July Complexity


31 July Analysing Quick Sort


test program

21 August Dynamic Programming


28 August Dynamic Programming


18 Sept Greedy: Kruskal's with heaps


25 Sept Minor Exam
16 October Backtracking


23 October Backtracking
13 November Branch and Bound

Evaluation: The OS component of the Lab is also evaluated for 30 marks which will be added to form the Internal marks. Major exam is for 40 marks.

Course Instructor: Dr. S. Durga Bhavani

Teaching Assistants: