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IT LAB (Algorithms)- M.Tech CS

July - December 2019

Tuesday 2:30PM - 5:30PM at AI Lab

The objective of the IT Lab is designed so as to enable students appreciate the concepts learnt in Algorithms and Operating Systems courses through practice. This is a two credit course offered to M.Tech CS. This page will put up the schedule pertaining to Algorithms.

The tentative schedule of the IT Lab is put up here Tentative Schedule

One assignment will be done in the lab for the day and the emphasis is on designing a solution and then implementation.

Name the directory containing your files by your Roll Number and tar the directory as Rollnumber.tar (eg: 19MCMT01.tar) and submit to sdbcs@scis.uohyd.ac.in with a copy to your TA ( TA_rollno@scis.uohyd.ac.in). The TA's roll numbers are given below.

Evaluation: The OS component of the Lab is also evaluated for 30 marks which will be added to form the Internal marks. Major exam is for 40 marks.

Course Instructor: Dr. S. Durga Bhavani

Teaching Assistants:

16 July Complexity


23 July Analysing the Bubble and Insertion sort algorithms


13 August Divide and Conquer: Empirical analysis of the Quick sort algorithm


20 August Dynamic Programming: 0/1 Knapsack problem


17 September Dynamic Programming: Chained Matrix Multiplication


24 Sept Prim's Algorithm


28 September

Minor-1 Question Paper

22 October Applications of DFS: Finding the strongly connected components