Ph.D. Programme

The candidates admitted to Ph.D. programme in the department will be governed by the following rules:

  • All candidates admitted to Ph.D. in the School, whether full time, part time or external, are required to pass a comprehensive examination within a maxium period of 2 years (subject to change to i year) from the date of admission. Initial admission is provisional and subject to candidate passing the comprehensive examination. In case a candidate is unable to pass the comprehensive exam within 2 years, his/her admission stands automatically cancelled.
  • The comprehensive exam will be a written examination and will consist of four papers -2 core papers and 2 elective papers. The core papers are Operating Systems & Programming and Data Structures & Algorithms. The elective papers will be decided by the Doctoral Research Committees of the candidate concerned. (four papers are subject to change)
  • Passing the comprehensive examination means passing each of the papers with a minimum of 50% marks.(subject to change to 55%)
  • Comprehensive examination is conducted during November /December in the first semester and during April/May in the second semester, for all the papers.
  • On successful completion of the four papers, the candidate will be allowed to continue the registration for Ph.D.